AndroGel Lawsuit

Published on February 19, 2014 by Sandy Liebhard

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AndroGel lawsuit filings are mounting in courts around the country, after a number of studies indicated the use of low T (low testosterone) therapies may increase cardiovascular risks in certain men. The attorneys at Bernstein Liebhard LLP are urging anyone who suspects they may have suffered an AndroGel heart attack, stroke, or other heart problem to discuss their legal options.  The families of patients who died as a result of cardiovascular side effects allegedly tied to AndroGel may also be entitled to pursue a legal claim against the manufacturer of the drug.

AndroGel Heart Attacks and Other Cardiovascular Side Effects

If you’ve watched any television in recent years, you’ve probably seen an AndroGel commercial that appears to suggest the testosterone gel can alleviate fatigue, low libido and other issues that men usually experience as a result of the normal aging process. Testosterone treatments like AndroGel are only approved to treat hypogonadism (low testosterone) in men who suffer from the condition due to an underlying illness or medical issue. But a growing number of AndroGel lawsuit filings claim that this type of direct-to-consumer advertising led many men to seek low T therapy for normal, age-related problems. As a result, these claims allege that a great many AndroGel prescriptions have been written for men who have normal testosterone levels.

In January 2013, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced it was reviewing the safety of AndroGel and other low T therapies, after two studies indicated these drugs might increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and death among older men or those with pre-existing heart problems. One study, which was published the previous November in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reported that older men who had coronary angiography faced a 29% higher rate of heart attacks, strokes and death if they were being treated with AndroGel or a similar medication.

A second study cited by the FDA was published in PLOS One just before the agency announced its review. That study found that men over 65 were twice as likely to suffer a heart attack if they were using AndroGel or another prescription testosterone drug.  Younger men who had history of pre-existing heart disease could face a three-fold increase risk of heart attack, according to the research.

AndroGel Lawsuit Filings Mount after FDA Alert

Within just weeks of the FDA alert, a number of men filed AndroGel lawsuits over heart injuries they allegedly suffered because of the medication. In addition to AndroGel heart attacks, the lawsuits claim the testosterone gel was behind heart failure, strokes, and blood clots experienced by the plaintiffs. The complaints also accuse the manufacturer of the medication of engaging in “disease mongering” when it ran AndroGel commercials and other advertisements that plaintiffs say touted the drug as a way for men to combat the effects of aging.

If you suspect that AndroGel caused a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular event you or a man you love suffered, there is help available. Bernstein Liebhard LLP is offering free and no-obligation case reviews to anyone who would like to explore filing an AndroGel lawsuit. To learn more, please contact our office today by calling .